"OMG the Life Assessment has shown me that things I'm spending so much of my time and energy on are actually miles apart from what really matters to me! This is a huge wake-up call, and it's so clear now what's missing and what I need to focus on. I can feel the energy bubbling up already! Thank you so much!!!

Cass (Sydney)

Flourish Life Assessment

  • Identify your own vision

    Identify what's truly meaningful in your life. There are no "shoulds" here. We'll find what really makes your life worth living.

  • Fill the 9 Human Needs

    Learn about the nine elements of full human flourishing based on wisdom from modern research and ancient philosophy.

  • 5G: The Five Growth Super-powers

    To make changes in our lives we often need to grow. Assess yourself on the five attitudes that turbo-charge our personal growth.

  • Self-assessment

    Assess your own life right now on the Nine Needs. These include the four Safety Needs and the five Fulfillment Needs.

  • Understand and act

    Be guided through step by step to make sense of your scores and discover your direction for greater flourishing.


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