"The workbook "Inviting Your Demons in for a Tea Party" is truly one of the most profound, insightful and effective personal development tools I've ever used!"

Steph (Canberra)

Inviting Your Demons in for a Tea Party

  • Stop the overwhelm

    Release yourself from the grip of a stressful issue - feel the weight and angst lift.

  • Gain clarity

    Pinpoint what's REALLY triggering you. It's probably not what you think.

  • Undermine reactivity

    Face what's disturbing you so that you can respond wisely rather than be controlled by automatic reactive habits.

  • Bring the courage of kindness

    There's nothing wrong with you for having this reaction. You feel pain and fear and your mind is trying to protect you. That makes you human, not faulty. We'll be bringing empathy and kindness to this process.

  • Measure the impact

    Like a scientist, you'll observe closely the changes in your stress levels.


    Help is available if you get stuck.


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