"In the very short-term the outcome of this exercise was much less stress and better ability to cope with it day-to-day. In the longer term, the greater headspace and clarity it produced  helped me get creative and courageous about solving the core issues (which I did)."

Matt (Sydney)

Fixing the Frame

  • Stop the downward spiral

    Stop the repetitive negative thoughts that bring you down.

  • Shift from stress to calm

    Our minds take the shape of what we rest them on. But they rest more naturally on the negative. You'll work around this with a step by step process to let the stress go, and bring in calm and ease.

  • Shift to a credible, reality-based view

    There are no rose-coloured glasses here, you'll shift to a new view of your situation based on hard positive facts.

  • Practical, everyday use

    You'll create a more peaceful perspective and literally frame it (on paper) so that you can turn to it whenever you feel your mind slipping.

  • Measure the impact

    Like a scientist, you'll observe closely the changes in your stress levels.


    Help is available if you get stuck.


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